Raw Food blogWe’re super excited to be hosting our first Raw Food Programme  ‘Live Raw, Live Vital’ in the New Year. The teacher is Diann Fletcher  Jones    (RPN/HDip AdEd /ED Practitioner /Living Food Instructor )  who recently completed her training to teach Raw/Living Food preparation with the Irish School of Herbal Medicine, and holds a “Living Food Instructors” Certificate.

She also holds a certificate in Raw Food Mastery , which she gained from training with Darren Maguire, Director of the Life Change Health Institute ( Formerly Hippocrates Europe ) Raw Food Chef and advocate of raw food as part of conscious living.(www.LifeChangeProgram.com)
Diann has lived the raw food life for a number of years now and is a passionate and committed exponent of healing through vital foods. She is also a student of herbalism and a follower of earth-centred Spirituality and has counselled those suffering from eating disorders in the past. She is a psychiatric nurse and holds an eating disorders practitioner qualification with the National Centre for Eating Disorders UK .

This course is aimed both at those aiming to find new vitality through incorporating elements of the raw food diet into their lives, those wanting to find out more about the positive benefits of Super foods and those facing health challenges as far apart as weight management and cancer who might benefit from this approach. We feel it’s an ideal, and inexpensive, opportunity to gain an introduction to this exciting and vital way of life with an experienced and passionate teacher whom we can’t recommend enough ( and you get to see Ger do the wash up ! ).

Is 2015 the year you want to embrace positive change? Contact us today on 053 9123236.

RAW FOOD COURSE DETAILS:diann raw food course blog

Dates: Wed 7th, Mon 12th, Wed 21st , Mon 26th January, Wed 4th of Feb.                Time:  7 to 9pm.

Cost €85 , for 5 classes.


Learn what is, and how to live a healthy raw food lifestyle. What are the underpinning theories that support this lifestyle philosophy?

Discover how to incorporate health promoting living foods into your everyday diet.

And how to make raw food delicious (It’s not just a load of old raw carrots you know!!)

Learn a variety of raw food recipes, from mouth-watering raw chocolate to raw vegan yogurt, from every day dressings that boost your nutrition and liven up your salads to live crackers and healthy vegetable crisps.

Learn about sprouting, and how these simple seeds are the most nutritionally dense foods you can add to your diet (And the cheapest too)

We will also explore nut milks and how to make them, how to add more greens into your diet without really noticing, juice fasting, soaking, dehydrating, how to thicken food without cooking and so much more.

We will address the challenges of a raw food lifestyle, the pros and cons and the difficulties you may encounter on your journey.

You will get to practice at home and share your victories and disasters, we will be tasting and talking and generally enjoying ourselves whilst learning and employing new ideas into our lives.

It is our wish that you come away from this experience with inspiration and the confidence to infuse your own life with the power of the living food lifestyle.