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Why I never get bored in this business!

Back in April I took myself off to London to the ‘Natural & Organic Products Europe’ show which is THE natural products trade event for the UK and Ireland. As I always do, I found it a huge  lift. It’s wonderful to be reminded how much innovation and development is going on all the time in our industry. As always I saw the latest products from the stalwarts of the industry as well as those from exciting, new companies with novel ideas and approaches.
I found many products and ranges that I’d like to see make their way onto the shelves in Only Natural because they fit all the criteria both I and my customers are looking for : purity and effectiveness as well as ethical and sustainable production methods. It’s wonderful to see this clear message growing in strength year on year.

People no longer just want things that are good for themselves, they want them to be good for the planet too. So every year this type of event reflects this very clearly as more and more ‘sustainable’, ‘ethical’ and truly ‘green’ ranges come on stream. Like recent years’ this year’s show continued to reflect a growing interest in eating raw, unprocessed ‘superfoods’ as a way to maintain optimal health, it’s a long way from the days of bran, lentils and vitamin C!

Another trend that can’t be ignored is the increasing interest in the vegan lifestyle, not so long ago regarded as outlandish in this country but as time goes by gaining more and more respect as the ultimate non-violent lifestyle choice and expression of compassion for all the beings we share this planet with as well as a more sustainable lifestyle choice for the planet’s future.
So that’s why I think I’m very lucky to be working in the Natural Products Industry and to have done so for the past thirty years. I get to meet committed and passionate people, sell things which have a positive effect on people’s wellbeing and be part of the growing ‘green tide’.
Keep an eye on our shelves over the coming few months, I can’t wait to share the very latest with you.


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