Throat Coat Image

Many of you will remember a wonderful, and much missed, product called Throat Coat which was on our shelves until about four years ago.  Throat Coat was a very effective spray for throat infections and sore, inflamed throats.

As we get into the winter season I’m delighted to see that Irish Botanica, under the direction of herbalist David Foley, have brought out a new version of this product under the same name.  The active ingredients include  marshmallow root (relieves dryness), sage (the classic herb for sore throats), fenugreek seed (protects mucus membranes, antiseptic, anti inflammatory), cinnamon essential oil and liquorice root (reduces dryness).  I was very happy to see this product back on the shelves.  Overall it’s a wonderful combination to treat the discomfort of a sore throat as well as the underlying cause and would make a great addition to the winter first aid chest