Wexford Food & Wine2#Hi everyone.

We have some events to let you know about in connection with this year’s Wexford Food and Wine Festival which takes place from the 21st to the 24th of May (hopefully the sun will be shining and the town abuzz with foodies!).
Firstly Only Natural will have a stall in the Bullring where we’ll be sampling and selling some local (and not so local!) produce so look out for us there as you take a stroll along Main Street.
Back in store we’ll have Elisa from ‘Curry Tree’ on Thursday 21st, the shop will be steeped in the aromas of great curries made with these amazing spice mixes which are completely natural and gluten free.
On Friday 22 meet John from Green Valu Juicers and check out these exceptionally good value (under €200) and versatile machines for yourself. See their Spiralizers too, eating vegetables really never was so much fun!
Then on Saturday we’ll be tasting Koyu Matcha Tea. Check out the health benefits of this King of Green Teas and see how it can be used in cooking as well as in the tea cup! Also on Saturday Yvonne will join us from Natasha’s Living Foods so you can sample all their wonderful, tasty and raw delicacies (who says the best tasting food can’t be good for you too?) including kale chips, raw crackers and the best chocolate coconut slices ever!!!

What a great time to be in Wexford, we can’t wait!

Food & Wine Weekend