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Your body is truly miraculous in what it can do if you take away the cause of its problems! This case history is of a man who was almost 70, and who had been suffering with asthma since he was 20, and taking medication for it daily since then. His condition was getting worse and worse in that he kept getting chest infections that needed yet more drug intervention; and when I saw him he had even had to give up his daily walk for fear of getting yet more chest infections. It has taken only three months for him to get well, and he is now almost drug free, and back walking his usual 2 miles daily!


Paul and Asthma

I very recently saw Paul (age 69) who had had asthma since he was age 20, and has been on inhalers since then.  For the last 10 years he had had a series of chest infections which always started in the wind-pipe trachea.  When it was bad it took weeks to clear with antibiotics and steroids, and sometimes the physical intervention of a bronchoscopy too.  But it always came back again, with the same cycle of drugs needed to temporarily clear it.  He had never been a smoker.  He used to walk in the evening, but was now afraid to go out into the cold.  He was on 8 puffs a day of the inhaler ventolin, and another inhaler as well.  After the allergy test Paul gave up all dairy foods and white bread (these are incidentally the most common causes of asthma, and he was having both daily).


A week later Paul rang to say his lungs were finally starting to clear themselves of their own accord – this was a major change since up to then everything had always remained stuck in his lungs (unless cleared by a bronchoscopy).  However his trachea was beginning to get its usual soreness and spasms again; so I encouraged him to go to the doctor to get his usual medical help to see him through this patch. I saw him again 2 months later.  He said there was a big difference in him, and he was feeling much better.  He had kept on the diet and had not had to go back to the doctor since – and his lungs were still Detoxing naturally and easily.  Paul said he would now start to reduce his inhalers very slowly and see how he got on.  He had also lost weight without trying and was looking good.  Though this Detox was taking a long time, it had been very long in the making – almost 50 years!

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I spoke to Paul once more almost three months since his initial allergy test. He proudly told me he had slowly reduced the inhalers until he was now almost drug-free! His detoxing seemed to be over for now, though he still had just a little rattle left: I told him to expect one more bout of flu sometime, as his body would most probably try to get the last of what was stored in his lungs out when it was ready. He said he felt very good, and was now walking 2 miles again daily. His parting words were, ‘If I hadn’t gone down to you I would never have got right!’

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