Optima Cranberry photo

In Only Natural we’ve stocked Optima supplements both in capsule and liquid form for many years now and they have always been popular and trustworthy products.  I love the latest addition to the range, Cranberry Concentrate, as I feel it fills a real gap in the female health market.


Cranberry is most frequently used for the treatment and prevention of urinary tract infections.  It’s action is to create an environment favorable to probiotic bacteria and unfavorable to pathogens such as E. coli which can be the root cause of cystitis and other infections.  However, it has many other properties and new studies are linking Cranberries to oral health protection, anti inflammatory and cardiovascular protective effects.  Most importantly this concentrate is free from sugar, sweeteners, colours or other additives and can be taken neat or in still or sparkling water or added to smoothies, yoghurt or other foods.  Once opened it keeps for two months and the daily dose is only 20ml for treatment or 10ml preventatively (a real advantage over unconcentrated cranberry juices.


At €12.99 for a 12 or a 25 day supply it represents good value for money too.  I can see it becoming a very valued addition to this great range.