Vitamin D3

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In my opinion Vitamin D3 is one of the most important nutrients, especially in winter. In fact the UK Government advises that people who are housebound or cover their skin for long periods, all pregnant and breastfeeding women, people over 65 years of age and infants from 6 months to aged 5 should take vitamin D supplements. While we can get some vitamin D from dietary sources such as fish, cheese, eggs and fortified foods, we mostly make it through sun exposure (and opportunity can be limited in Ireland). As we get almost no sun exposure in winter, supplementation is the only way to go. Apart completely from its role in maintaining good bone and muscle health it can be particularly beneficial in winter for two reasons.


Firstly it’s a direct stimulus for immunity. In particular it triggers and arms the body’s T cells, the cells in the body that seek out and destroy any invading bacteria and viruses. Secondly SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder (commonly called Winter Blues) seems to be more prevalent when vitamin D levels are low and research shows that supplementation can be an effective treatment for it. 
With this in mind we’ve taken on Viridian’s full Vitamin D range for the following reasons. Unlike many ranges Viridian supplements contain no fillers or excipients, every ingredient has a therapeutic value. They’re all vegan (Viridian use mushrooms and lichens as sources)  unlike many vitamin D supplements which derive from lanolin. They offer options in drops and capsule form which are suitable for all ages and needs. No other supplement company stands for ethics, sustainability and highest quality like Viridian does.

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  • Viridian D3 2,000iu 150caps regular price €39.10 offer price €29.32 you save €9.78
  • Viridian D3 2,000iu 60caps regular price €17.50 offer price €13.12 you save €4.38
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  • Viridian D3 liquid 50ml regular price €16.00 offer price €12.00 you save €4
  • Viridikid Vitamin D3 drops 30ml regular price €10.75 offer price €8.06 you save €2.69