Revive Active Joint

Galway Natural Health is an innovative Irish Company who’s product Revive Active, a combination of 26 active ingredients to boost circulation, energy and cardiac health, was one of the first of its kind to come onto the Irish market and it has deservedly won an ever increasing dedicated fan base.

Now the team have turned their attention to joint health and, in the same way, have produced a product based on latest researched dosages of high potency ingredients aimed at relieving arthritis and other joint problems all in one convenient daily sachet dosage, Revive Active Joint Complex. It’s this multifaceted approach that makes their products so unique!

In this case these are the active ingredients and what scientific research has proven them capable of:

Hydrolised Marine Collagen 5,000mg to be deposited into cartilage, bone and skin, to stimulate collagen production, to decrease pain scores and increase joint mobility. This means that it can address concerns not only about joint pain but also about osteoporosis and osteopenia, a big plus.

Glucosamine 1,000mg exhibits synergistic benefits in conjunction with hydrolised marine collagen to strengthen the joints and halt joint deterioration while relieving pain and improving joint function and flexibility.

Hyaloronic acid 100mg has been shown in tests to provide a cushioning and lubricating effect for the joints thus relieving pain and proving to be an alternative to costly pain relief injections.

MSM 2,000mg has been shown to improve physical function and provide real pain relief through its anti-inflammatory properties.

These four primary ingredients in conjunction with others such as manganese, copper, boron and vitamin D3 offer powerful beneficial effects in osteoarthritic conditions.

Whether you’re someone who currently suffers from joint pain, concerned about the development of osteoarthritis or osteoporosis or an athlete seeking to keep your joints in healthy condition, we feel that Revive Active Joint Complex could be a top class supplement for your needs. And if you want to support a truly cutting edge Irish Supplement Company, even better!

Revive Active Joint Complex comes in a box of 30, one a day, convenient, great tasting sachets and sells for €44.95.

Galway Natural Health will be instore on May 8th as part of the Two Day Joint Health Event if you wish to find out more about and sample their new product.