Solgar CurcuminMore and more we’re seeing the value of certain foods for health promotion change from supposition to scientific fact. Turmeric is among the most important of these ‘Superfoods’ with its reputation as a digestive tonic, anti microbial, liver tonic and above all anti inflammatory. For a number of years now it has been available in supplement form but Solgar have only recently married this fact with the process of ‘mycellization’. This technology, which Solgar have used previously in their nutri nano range of supplements, changes the basic chemistry of a nutrient or herb from the fat soluble to the water soluble state. This dramatically increases the bioavailability of the substance involved, in the case of Curcumin by 185 times over that of regular turmeric supplements, allowing absorption of the herb’s active principle ‘curcumin’ across multiple pathways to support joints, brain and immune health. Initial findings also show strong benefits for inflammatory bowel diseases such as IBS.
Given the fact that inflammation has been linked to so many illnesses we’re convinced that a natural supplement which can deal with it on a level previously impossible could have major benefits for many, many people suffering from inflammation related problems. Curcumin is a one a day softgel normally retailing for €36.16 for 30, however the full Solgar range is on promotion for the Month of September with 25% off across the range!