Viridian Sleep Supplement

Viridian Cherry Night Powder, a new formula for sleeplessness.

I’m a huge fan of Viridian as a company.  I think their policies around environment, charitable interaction and the quality and unique nature of their product formulations are second to none.  When they introduced Cherry Night powder in the last few months I thought it was true to form on all these fronts.
We’ve sold natural sleep aids for as long as I’ve been in the business but, even today, many of the products on the market are variations on a theme.  Not so Cherry Night!
Firstly it comes in a convenient and palatable powder form.  The dosage suggested is a teaspoonful in water or juice an hour before bedtime (lower dosages are recommended from ages 2 to 12).  It can be taken morning and night when insomnia is severe or there is stress and anxiety present.
The ingredient list is very unique.
It contains the amino acid glycine which has been found to improve sleep quality, lead to a more stable sleep state and reduce the time to sleep onset.
It contains magnesium which is often deficient in insomnia sufferers leading to low melatonin levels which, in turn, impairs sleep quality.
Next we have red date, not so common in western herbal tradition but the most important active ingredient in ‘Suanzaorentang’, one of the most popular traditional Chinese herbal formulations for insomnia, which has been found even more effective than conventional medications (benzodiazepines) for treating insomnia.
Lastly we have cherry itself, a rich natural source of melatonin, a hormone that can regulate sleep patterns.
So there you have it, a formula which I feel is truly at the ‘cutting edge’ from a company at the forefront in natural medicine.