Less sugar but Mór Taste!

No more 50% sugar in jams! (See here why).

Instead of using a lot of sugar, we reduce the sugar to the absolute minimum. We don’t even add any other form of sweetness (such as concentrated fruit juice or artificial sweeteners). Instead, we simply use more blueberries. A lot of blueberries!

The Mór Taste Blueberry Jam has a much higher content of real fruit than other jams. That’s why its consistency is softer, making it a perfect addition to bread, toast and scones – but also much more: Spoon this luscious fruity jam on pancakes, yoghurt or porridge – or eat it straight from the jar.

High sugar, fruit juice concentrate or sweeteners in jams? Not with Mór Taste!

Join the Jam Revolution today!

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The Jam People


Prepared with 89g of Fruit per 100g
Total Sugar content 26g per 100g

Use a clean spoon, it will last longer after opening.



Blueberries (86%), Sugar, Gelling Agent Pectin.