Olvia organic extra virgin olive oil is produced from the Greek varieties Adramitini and Colovi that are cultivated in the hillside groves of the Tzortzis family on the Island of Lesvos at the Northern Aegean Sea.

Olvia is a delightful olive oil that preserves its distinct local character. It has a golden colour, complimented by a pleasantly mild flavour and lively grassy aromas. A long aftertaste adds to the appreciation.

With all its goodness, Olvia brings quality and finesse to your diet delivering all the health benefits which olive oil is renowned for.

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Surrounded by the Mediterranean sea, Greece is gifted by nature with ideal conditions for the cultivation of the olive tree. Olive oil forms the basis of the Mediterranean diet and El Greco is proud to offer some of Greece’s finest olive oils.


The producer

Nestled in the hills of Lesvos Island lies the birthplace of Olvia. The Tzortzis family cultivate their groves and produce their olive oil with love and knowledge. The hand-picked olives are harvested only hours before pressing while still fresh, giving the rich golden oil you find in the bottle. Their modern pressing facilities which are certified to international standards ensure optimum conditions to produce the best olive oil the land can give.