Plant based high strength Vitamin D to support your immune system, bone health and muscle function.

Top up your Vitamin D levels with this delicious, highly absorbable Vitamin D spray.  Vitamin D is essential for supporting immunity as well as bone and joint health.  Changes in diet and environment mean many children and adults are not getting the recommended daily intake of Vitamin D3.  Traditionally, deficiency in Vitamin D is linked to rickets.  Recent research is also revealing the importance of Vitamin D3 in protecting against a range of health problems such as asthma in children and cognitive impairment in older adults.

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Vegan (lichen source)

Fast acting, highly absorbable sub-lingual spray – absorbs straight under the tongue into the bloodstream

6 sprays delivers 3,000IU Vitamin D – allows for dose modulation

Supports immunity, bones and muscles

Suitable for children over 3 years and adults

One 30ml bottle provides 1 months supply, great for travelling

Natural orange flavour


Available as: 30ml spray

Recommended use:

Adults – spray up to 6 times daily

Children over 3 years – spray once daily