300mg/30ml CBD

Poko’s AHA Exfoliating Treatment is formulated for all skin types, to help your skin look its best. Our unique AHA combination works against dead skin, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and scars, leaving you with hydrated, smooth, and even skin. Suitable for all skin types and gentle enough for everyday use, it’s a great addition to your skincare routine.

  • Works to melt away dead skin cells, revealing bright, healthy skin under it.
  • Addressing scarring, redness, and fine lines.
  • Gentle, all-natural ingredients make it suitable for daily use.

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An accessible, everyday chemical exfoliant

The idea of a chemical exfoliant can be intimidating, but at Poko, we believe in gentle, accessible skincare. Therefore, our AHA Exfoliating Treatment is gentle enough for daily use, while taking on multiple skincare duties. Formulated with all-natural ingredients, and our exclusive AHA combination, it’s the perfect way to address dull, uneven skin. Use as part of your PM routine, or as needed; with Poko, the choice, as ever, is yours.

Works to increase your skin’s collagen and moisture levels

Our AHA Exfoliating Treatment doesn’t just help with smooth skin and even skin tone. It can also help stimulate your natural collagen levels. Unlike other chemical exfoliants, it also works to hydrate the new layers of your skin. This, in turn, helps address fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. By doing this, you can expect plumper, more dewy skin. Plus, with everyday use on cleansed skin, you should see sustainable, lasting results.

A non-invasive way to address scarring

Sometimes, acne scars can take a little longer to heal. Why not try the AHA Exfoliating Treatment to help the process along? Our combination of AHAs helps to promote healthy skin cell growth, and aid in skin resurfacing treatment. Over time, this helps the skin appear smoother and feel softer. It also reduces the redness and discolouration commonly associated with long-term scarring. Therefore, with regular use, you should see a positive change in those pesky acne scars.


Recommended Use:

As with our other products, our AHA Exfoliating Treatment works best on clean, dry skin, so we’d recommend cleansing your skin and thoroughly drying it before application. Then, pop a pea-sized amount onto your fingertips, and gently apply it in a circular motion. Work your way outwards, from the middle of your face. Once applied, lightly tap your face with your palms to promote absorption. For best results, wait up to 15 minutes, before continuing your skincare routine.

While our AHA Exfoliating Treatment is gentle enough for daily use, we’d recommend spot-testing before applying it to the face. If you have sensitive skin, use it on alternate days, until your skin gets used to it. We recommend using this alongside our Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser, as this will help reinforce your natural moisture barrier after use.



Aqua, Apple fruit extract, CBD isolate (300mg), Lemon fruit extract, Blueberry fruit extract, Sugarcane extract, Cocamidopropyl dimethylamine, Salicylic acid, Grapeseed oil, Glycerin, Cucumber fruit extract, Propylene glycol, Lactic acid, Citric acid, Glycolic acid, Malic acid, Tartaric acid, Phenoxyethanol.