Plantain Chips are made from – yep, you guessed it – plantains!

Plantains are a member of the banana family but tend to be bigger and thicker skinned than their cousins, the banana. They also have a lower sugar content than bananas, making them a better savoury snack option and perfect for turning into chips or crisps.

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Typically, plantain chips are a great source of fibre and other nutrients like potassium and sodium, and provide more vitamins A and C than potato chips. Purely Plantain Chips provide 12 percent of your daily vitamin A recommendation and 16 percent of your suggested vitamin C! They also tend to be lower in saturated fat than potato chips, which is a form of unhealthy fat associated with an increased risk of heart and circulatory disease. Plantain chips are also a great source of Omega-6.

Plantain chips can be fried in oil, like many potato chips, or baked or roasted. At Purely, we kettle cook our Plantain Chips, which makes them crunchier and more flavourful than the continuous frying processed method that many regular potato chips go through that can often introduce damaging ‘free radicals’.



Selected plantains, sunflower oil, salt.