The famous Throumpa of Thasos is a small olive traditionally cured in salt giving it its wrinkled appearance. Still, Throumpa is not salty but rather sweet and mild flavoured. A lovely olive to use as a meze with feta cheese and of course in a Greek salad.

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Velouitinos olives are naturally fermented, flavoursome and nutritious. Depending on the variety the olives are cured in brine or salt for six months. This period allows for the olives to lose their bitterness and develop their own character. The stone is kept in to preserve and flavour the fruit. No chemicals or preservatives are used during or after the curing process.


The producer

Velouitinos is a family-owned olive processing business based in Athens. They originate from the forested Island of Thasos in the North Aegean where their olive groves still produce the organic throumpas in offer. The Velouitinos people work hard to honour their craft and this reflects onto their products.