Our 5-step cartridge is suitable for all YVE-BIO® water filter systems (except Alstar 700 and Single 501 SAN) as well as some similar, identical water filters from other manufacturers. If you are unsure whether the cartridges are compatible with your filter system, please feel free to write to us.

Length 16,5 cm including thread

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Yve Bio


1st stage activated carbon

Our activated carbon is characterized by a special purity of the end product, high density and activity. An additionally low ash and water content ensure that the activated carbon contains as much carbon as possible and thus really effective substance. Due to its exceptional mechanical properties and its extremely high adsorption capacity, it is very well suited for water treatment. In addition to the continuous tests carried out by the production laboratories, the quality of the activated carbon is still monitored by an independent and state-approved laboratory. Activated carbon binds undesirable substances such as drug residues, pesticides, chlorine, heavy metals or tensides.


2nd stage zeolite pebbles

Zeolite is a microporous rock that has the ability of adsorpion (i.e. it binds substances to itself), including free radicals, ammonia or dioxins. Furthermore, it regulates the pH-value and as an ion exchanger it attracts the pollutants and releases the minerals contained.


3rd stage Bio Balls

These ceramic balls were made from the vital stone Wongiseok and have different functions:

  • release small amounts of calcium and magnesium
  • remove chlorine and heavy metals
  • prevent oxidation
  • prevent the development of microbes
  • increase the absorption power in the body, as small water clusters are formed in the water molecules

4th stage Turmaline Balls

The tourmaline is finely pulverized and then fired into balls. It generates negatively charged ions.  Since the effect is even intensified by trituration, the radiation of the negative ions is intensified. In addition, infrared radiation is generated as well as a weak electrical current of 0.06 mA. This bioelectricity is related to the energy impulses in our nerve tracts and our brain. Tourmaline alkalizes the water (pH-value 7 – 7.5), has an antibacterial effect and releases mineral microelements. It is also said to have a strengthening and healing effect.


5th stage Silicon Minerals

The last stage takes over the function of a stream as in nature. The water gets back its natural taste. It also releases colloidal traces of silicon. In this form it is particularly bioavailable.

Change after 1500 litres of flow, but after 6 months at the latest (recommendation according to DIN 1988)