EM X-Pipes have the natural ability to cause an ion exchange and emit long-wave infrared rays, which eradicates negative vibrational information from the water molecules and restores the original state. Clusters of water molecules are broken up and an energetically uniform, harmonious climate is created. This has a beneficial effect on restorative, antioxidant processes.

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What is EM anyway?

The term EM stands first of all for Effective Microorganisms . This term was coined by Prof. Teruo Higa. In his search for substitutes for pesticides, he has eliminated from about 2000 types of microorganisms those that have a harmful effect. What remained was a good 80, which in practice met his requirements. This multimicrobial mixture was developed in such a way that one lives off the metabolic products of the other (self-purification). Prof. Higa called them Effective Microorganisms.


Dominance principle

In general, there are three types of microorganisms:

  • uplifting/regenerative
  • neutral/opportunistic
  • degrading/degenerative

The vast majority can be assigned to the neutral middle. They follow the dominant milieu and produce either substances that promote health or substances that inhibit health and development. Effective microorganisms show these microbes the way and at the same time inhibit the degenerative microorganisms so that they cannot spread further.


Before first use:

Rinse the EM pipes with water. At best, use water that has already been purified. Then you can immediately put the pipes into the lower tank of your YVE-BIO® water filter. The longer the pipes remain in the water, the better the effect. The minimum is 10 minutes, 12 hours would be better. Use 12 EM X-Pipes per one litre of water. (There are approx. 70 pipes in a 100 g bag).