This special gemstone mixture is particularly suitable for energising water and thus for renaturing your tap water.

The mixture consists of selected, natural and not chemically treated and uncoloured rough stones.

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Yve Bio


These gemstones of amethyst, rock crystal and rose quartz give your water a particularly harmonious and soft taste after a short time of exposure. Simply place these stones on the bottom of your YVE-BIO® water container or in your water carafe. Your water will taste better afterwards and has a noticeably more vitalising effect.

The high oscillation frequencies of the gemstones are transferred to the water and cleanse it, so to speak, of disharmonic oscillations, which are caused, among other things, by the long transport under very high pressure in the water pipes.

Energised water strengthens all your body organs and also every single cell of your body. Recovered, natural structures of order (as is the case with good spring water due to migration within the earth) now help your body and mind to feel more comfortable.

Before first use, rinse the stones well under running water in a sieve.
Expose the stones to moonlight or daylight from time to time (no direct sunlight).

The information is not scientifically proven, but has been used for thousands of years by medicine men and healers, monks, alternative practitioners, doctors etc.! Hildegard von Bingen also described the healing effects of precious stones in the Middle Ages.