Choc Chia Pots Pics

Chocolate Chia Puddings

The health benefits of Chia Seeds are becoming widely known and many people are adding this nutrient rich ( think calcium, fibre, protein and antioxidants ) seed to their daily diet and it’s a great way to get a nutritional boost and stave off cravings for less healthy foods. Fortunately the seeds are highly soluble and easy to use. They can just be added into breakfast cereal or smoothies or indeed to soups or sauces. However this recipe turns them into a decadent, chocolate rich ( heaps more antioxidants from the raw cacao powder ! )desert with minimum effort. I’d happily serve these little pots at a dinner party. As a variation leave the crunchy toppings off and instead top with a thin layer of fruit sauce ( St Dalfour make them without any sugar or nasties added ! ).

To call this a recipe is a bit of an overstatement, it’s really just a delicious amalgamation of some seriously beneficial wholefoods and takes all of 5 minutes of your time ( along with some chilling time in the fridge ! ) to prepare.



150ml non dairy milk ( I used Provamel coconut and rice milk, delicious as a cold drink or on cereal !).

4 tablespoons chia seeds plus extra to serve

1 tablespoon honey

3 tablespoons raw cacao powder ( I used Iswari )

A pinch of sea salt

Desiccated coconut to serve



Mix all ingredients ( not the coconut ) . Leave for 15 minutes and mix again. Decant into 2 little bowls , smooth the top and sprinkle with a little more chia seeds and a little desiccated coconut.

Refrigerate for at least three hours.


Enjoy !