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Another aid to a better night’s sleep.

Sleeping problems are among the most common we’re presented with in Only Natural so my interest was definitely peaked when, about three months ago, I was approached by a Wexford Company intriguingly called United Natures Counting Sheep.
The product on offer was a hypoallergenic sheeps’ wool filled pillow.  Enough of our customers have come back with improved night’s sleep stories to convince me that they can be of real benefit to poor sleepers and for me to want to give you the low down on their benefits here. The following information is taken from the Company’s own literature.

Recent major studies, including those carried out at the University of Sydney’s faculty of health sciences, have definitely shown that we sleep better in wool.  We are now developing a solid body of contemporary evidence which supports claims that wool bedding is beneficial to a good night’s sleep which in turn is central to health and wellbeing.
These studies show us that wool bedding allows us to fall asleep more quickly.  Because wool is such an efficient thermal regulator we spend less time tossing and turning during sleep and so go through the various stages of sleep with less interruption.

Medical experts advise that wool bedding is the correct choice for those looking for relief from respiratory and skin allergies.
Osteopaths recommend using wool pillows for adequate spinal support.
Absorbent, wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture before feeling wet.  Wool allows moisture and sweat to evaporate.
Breathable, wool fibers are crimped and when tightly packed together form millions of tiny pockets of air.


Natural wool, as used in United Natures bedding, is chemical free.  Most bedding fills require treatment with a chemical in order to pass fire safety regulations.  Wool is a natural flame retardant and does not require any chemical treatment at all.  Wool is the safest fiber you can have in the home.  It has a very high ignition point.  It will not melt and stick to the skin causing burns as is the case with synthetic fibers.  Wool does not cause the noxious fumes that cause death in fire situations.

Dust mites

Wool allows moisture to evaporate out and does not provide a welcome environment for dust mites to thrive in.  Even feather and down eventually break down into a dusty protein over time which encourages the proliferation of dust mites.  This will not happen with wool.  Therefore wool encased in downproof cotton is a perfect choice for allergy sufferers and also for those who are prone to night sweats.


As long as there is grass to graze on, every year sheep will produce a new fleece making wool a renewable fibre source.  Wool is truly a sustainable choice.


These are not necessarily a much more expensive option!  See our instore specials!

If you’re experiencing sleep difficulties for any of the reasons outlined here or you’d like to do one more thing to reduce the amount of synthetics you and your family come into contact with why not give United Natures Counting Sheep pillows a go?


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