Anna Skrine who offers a Food Sensitivity and Intolerance Testing Clinic here at Only Natural has provided us with another interesting case study to show how changing what we eat can have positive effects on the body.


The body is infinitely wise.  The nose and lungs are all part of our vital breathing mechanism, but these are also places in the body where excess mucus is often stored until there is a Detox. If excess mucus is lodged in the nose, your body will stimulate a bout of sneezing to dislodge the mucus so that it can be Detoxed.
Similarly if mucus is lodged in the lungs coughing is the body’s way of loosening it there during a Detox.  Blocking these vital Detox mechanisms with drugs instead of eliminating the cause is surely counter productive for long term health, for it simply stops the body’s vital attempts to cleanse itself internally.

FINTON in his 40s
FINTON was feeling wiped out because he couldn’t stop sneezing all week.  Most mornings he woke feeling ‘sniffly’, and he usually had a bout of sneezing , which sometimes seemed to get rid of it.  He had recently been told by his doctor to take anti-histamines daily as he probably had allergies, and this had seemed to stop the sneezing.  However, if he forgot to take them, which is what had happened a week ago, he would have terrible fits of sneezing which were hard to stop.  He always felt terrible first thing in the morning, and his energy was generally low.
Once Finton cut cheese out of his diet, which he used to eat a lot of daily, the sneezing just went, and he started to feel much better.  He also woke feeling properly rested. Finton had used a little low fat milk for a long time in his tea, and in small amounts he seemed to be able to tolerate this with ease.