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When we heard that Ruth O’ Connor and her fiancé Ciaran were planning a global bicycle tour we were intrigued, it sounds like such a fun endeavour. They are both into healthy living and the outdoors. They’re both horticulturists and Ruth runs a gluten-free bakery, Rake of Cakes, which focuses on innovative cakes as well as nutrient-filled treats for fitness enthusiasts. Ciarán is a keen sportsman as well as a gardener and landscape designer. He has an avid interest in cycling, running, kayaking and basically anything a bit different!

Before they commence their global bicycle tour (you can read more about it on over on, Ciarán will begin a 48hr endurance race, Coast2Coast on May 16th, which involves racing from the Sligo coast to the coast of Co Down by cycling, kayaking and running. To prepare, Ciarán is following a carefully planned training and nutrition programme, with plenty of healthy and delicious meals being made with Only Natural  products. A lot of the healthy treats are also available from Rake of Cakes to customers (in the bullring market every Friday and Saturday) , including their somewhat infamous Nut Caramel Bars!

Ruth says “The big focus of Ar An Rothar is our global bicycle tour, which begins this summer! We are  embarking on this trip as a way to see the world from a different perspective. The cycling tour is not only about adventure. We see it as an opportunity to discover new and unusual ideas for Rake of Cakes, of which we’ll be blogging and posting delicious photos regularly on Rake of Cakes Facebook page. And don’t fret by the way, the Rake of Cakes hut isn’t going anywhere … but that news is for another day!!! We’ll also be updating the Ar An Rothar blog and Facebook page with tales of our trip, recipes and more!”  

We are delighted to support Ar an Rothar and Ruth and Ciaran and wish Ciaran the very best of luck in his upcoming endurance test in the Coast2Coast run very soon. We’ll be following their blog too and will bring you some news from them during their tour.

ruth and ciaran ar an rothar