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Sarah Kate O’Connor no longer works from Only Natural and can be contacted on
087 76 31 323 or email for more information.

I’m particularly excited and proud to be introducing you all to this month’s ‘Therapist of the Month’ as she’s one of our own, so to speak! Sarah Kate O’Connor has worked in Only Natural for the best part of a year now so many of you already know her helpful and bubbly personality and her real depth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition and supplements.
However Sarah Kate is now ready for the next stage of her career. She has just graduated after much study and hard work as a Neuromuscular Physical Therapist and is now seeing clients in Only Natural or in their own homes. I can say at first hand just how passionate Sarah Kate is about this work as you’ll see from her own introduction which follows.


Having already qualified as an Orthopaedic Sports Massage Therapist, I have recently built on my skills and graduated as a Neuromuscular Physical Therapist (NMT), under the guidance of John Sharkey – the European founder and director of NMT. I am very excited to be offering treatments from Only Natural.
Working on the shop floor, I meet people all the time who are suffering from pains or problems which they may never have equated with possible muscular imbalances. It is fantastic that people are more aware nowadays of how their diet impacts their health. I would really like to bring that same awareness to the body, in particular our posture and the quality of our movement. I am fascinated by anatomy and I believe a keen anatomical knowledge is an essential basis in treating injury and pain. My initial training in sports and deep tissue massage has since evolved to accommodate the skills I gained as a physical therapist. Since developing my knowledge of the body, my focus in massage has shifted towards the facilitation of relaxation and offering the body a space to heal. My philosophy is that nothing in the body works in isolation and so it shouldn’t be treated this way. My aim is to truly get to the root cause of your pain.


During the last several decades, Neuromuscular Therapy has emerged as a significant methodology for assessing, treating and preventing soft tissue injuries and chronic pain. NMT is a form of physical therapy which treats the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems through hands-on techniques. This is achieved through the application of joint mobilisations, sports massage techniques, soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques, postural assessment and neuromuscular techniques.
Areas of tightness or pain stemming from injury, trauma or poor posture can arise anywhere in the musculature and form ‘trigger points’. These tender points can cause pain patterns replicating conditions such as sciatica, migraine, carpal tunnel, jaw disorders or even interfere with our digestion or breathing. Locating and deactivating these points is a primary focus in Neuromuscular Therapy.
My main area of interest lies in the identification, assessment and treatment of pain conditions. I look at the body as an integrated group of systems which work in unison. This global approach allows me to address the often multi-factorial causes for your pain and suitably tailor a unique treatment plan. A great emphasis is placed on educating clients on their health and the varied causes of pain. My background in nutrition and supplementation complements this approach and helps me to offer my clients a complete system for recovery.
I am keenly interested in comprehensively assessing the body through gait and posture to identify compensations and limitations in human movement. As a human foot has repetitive and continuous contact with the outside world, even the slightest misalignment or limitation in movement here will have a ripple effect throughout the body. Similarly, any adaptation in the body as a result of injury of its environment will be reflected throughout the body. Being able to establish these global compensation patterns can be a priceless insight when dealing with chronic pain conditions.
As I continue to work and study the human body and its capabilities I hope to broaden my skills of assessment and treatment in order to offer you the best possible outcomes.

Initial assessment including treatment: €45 (60-90 minutes)
Follow up treatments: €35 (50 minutes)
Sports Massage/Massage treatment: €35 (50 minutes)

For appointments call 087 76 31 323 or email
I am also happy to offer treatments from your own home.
I look forward to helping you!