This month rather than feature a new therapist we are going to, as previously promised, give you details of one of Anna Skrines case studies.  Anna Skrine, was our September Featured Therapist and she offers a Food Sensitivity and Intolerance Testing Clinic here at Only Natural.  After many years experience Anna has found that the effect of adjusting your diet to suit your body can be enormous and she has decided to share some of these experiences hoping it may help others.  Recurring issues that Anna encounters in her clinic are tonsillities and sinusitis both of which her below case study suffered.


It is accepted that tonsils are part of the body’s lymphatic, and so immune system; but beyond that not a great deal is understood.  Generally inflamed, sore tonsils appear to be the start of a cleansing process of the body, for within a few days these symptoms are normally followed by a cold or flu, with its Detox of excess mucus from the body. So tonsillitis is most frequently the body’s response to an internal mucus problem, for without the excess mucus in the body this chain of events simply wouldn’t happen. Too often tonsils are removed from young children in the belief that this will ‘cure’ them of their frequent bouts of tonsillitis. If you remove the tonsils the wise body simply finds another way to get rid of the excess mucus; for your body’s mission is to do its best to keep you healthy and well inside, no matter how it is abused!
Sinusitis is often the next symptom of the same basic problem.

NORMA (April 2014)
Norma had had her tonsils taken out when she was much younger, and had been on a lot of antibiotics before that for tonsillitis. She was now aged 17, and her mother told me that for the last 4 or 5 years Norma had missed about 20% of school each year from sinusitis.  Her condition was chronic and always there, but whenever the sinusitis got really bad her face would swell up and she would become very drowsy and sensitive to light, making school impossible.  She had been on a spray for her sinuses for a good while.  Though she had been lactose intolerant as a baby Norma was now eating cheese daily, as well as some yoghurt and milk. She was vegetarian and basing her protein largely on pasteurised dairy foods – rather than the grain-plus-pulse way of eating vegetarian protein that is traditionally used around the world by vegetarian societies. When she changed her protein and cut out all dairy from her diet the problem simply went away.  I saw Norma 6 months later, and her sinusitis had not returned even for a day, though on the odd occasion that she had eaten a little dairy she felt the clear symptoms of its return.  So she was now both confident and delighted that her condition had at last healed for good!

A short additional note about tonsils
Very occasionally I have found that inflammation, and so soreness of the tonsils, is prolonged for a long time. This seems to  be a sign of a sensitivity to something which will heal for good once the cause is found and eliminated  – such as coffee or tea. Conversely the tonsils can also alert you to something the body doesn’t much like with a short sharp twinge – such as cheap (rather acidic) white wine.