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“Food is a currency of trust” – Richard McCarthy, Slow Food, USA

The idea for Your Local Food Network sprung from many hours spent propping up a coffee stall at our local farmer’s market. Like-minded friends gathered weekly to buy food from a spattering of local producers. We often asked ourselves why our market wasn’t a more lively and vibrant space. Shouldn’t we have more choice from local farmers and growers? Where are they? Why can’t we buy directly from them?
And so, hundreds of coffees and several pounds of cake later, Your Local Food Network was formed.

Its goal: to connect more people to local growers and farmers and encourage active collaboration.


Our ambition of an online hub has been realised – the website was officially launched last November. I invite you to stop by and see who is producing what in your area- there is an easy to use search facility. We are working hard to populate the site with growers and farmers so newcomers are added weekly.
But this is just a first, small step forward into unchartered waters. Exciting plans being hatched for the year ahead and we are thrilled to be collaborating with Only Natural to promote our local food producers and offer more sustainable ways of shopping for food.
So don’t miss out –  keep in touch by signing up to our monthly newsletter for latest news and updates. Together let’s make it happen!


Karen, founder of Your Local food Network, is a Wexford based graphic designer and illustrator with a passion for environmental issues.

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