In anticipation of our talk on ‘The Digestive Health Solution’ by Ben Brown in White’s Hotel on June 26th I thought I’d give some information on one or two of Viridian’s new digestive range of supplements.

Peppermint Oil Plus Capsules
Peppermint Oil pic
Peppermint is often the herb of choice for the alleviation of digestive symptoms and, in Peppermint Oil Plus, Viridian have chosen to combine it with caraway and ginger, one a seed, the other a root, both soothing remedies for an upset digestion to come up with a wonderful combination for digestive health. In a recent study of peppermint oil on typical IBS symptoms ‘ 75% of participants reported a 50% improvement in symptoms, ‘indicating a very high response rate and clinical effect.’  Symptoms relieved included abdominal pain, bloating, constipation and flatulence.
The combination of peppermint and caraway has been found effective in relieving common symptoms of dyspepsia  which include heartburn, reflux, pain, fullness, bloating and gastrointestinal spasm.
Ginger has been shown to be beneficial in dyspepsia due to its ability to eradicate one of the causes, the bacterium H.pylori. Ginger is also well known for its ability to combat nausea possibly due to its ‘receptor blocking action which inhibits gastric contraction’.
All three plants have also shown to have anti microbial properties. Peppermint gas been shown to inhibit a number of bacteria including H.pylori, E.Coli as well as the fungus Candida albicans. It has been shown to reduce the growth of at least 22 types of bacteria including virulent, antibiotic resistant strains and can reverse SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) in IBS. Ginger is also thought to have an anti parasitic action. Both peppermint and ginger stimulate gastric emptying so benefiting a sluggish digestion.
Peppermint Oil Plus capsules are effective due to them being enteric, or delayed release, capsules. They don’t completely break down until they reach the small intestine or colon where the oils are released over a period of 10 – 12 hours. This is vital in the case of IBS for example.
The dosage is two capsules with food up to three times daily and they can be used from 8 years of age.
They should NOT be used where there is biliary duct occlusion, gallstones or gallbladder inflammation or liver damage. Nor should peppermint be used by anyone taking the immune-suppressant medication Cyclosporine. Use with caution with gastrointestinal reflux and ulcers.
This combination of peppermint, caraway and ginger has benefit for many digestive and other ailments including IBS, dyspepsia, nausea, Candida, H.pylori, parasites, small intestine bacterial overgrowth and general digestive malaise.

KiwiZyme Capsules
Kiwizyme picWhether it be due to poor fibre intake, excess processed food, insufficient water intake or just the stresses of day to day living, constipation is a common problem today and when a new remedy comes on line we take note! Kiwi fruit, it seems, is one of the fruits highest in fibre and Viridian have taken powdered kiwi fruit from kiwis sustainably grown in New Zealand and combined them with Aloe Vera to produce a gentle solution to the problem.
Primarily it’s the fruit’s gentle bulking and water retaining properties that have the effect, resulting in greater frequency and a heavier, softer, more easily passed stool. Kiwis also contain a digestive enzyme actinidin which is a general digestive health booster. They also contain large amounts of prebiotics, which are sugars that pass through to the gut undigested where they become valuable ‘fuel’ for beneficial bacteria. Studies have shown the ingesting kiwi fruit powder had a dramatic effect on the levels of both lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, both highly desirable gut microflora.  Add to this the benefits of Aloe Vera with its soothing and healing properties and its abilities to restore bacterial balance, enhance digestion and increase nutrient absorption and we have a potent yet gentle ‘kick start’ for a sluggish digestive system.
The dosage is 1 or 2 capsules daily with breakfast (up to 4 May be taken) and KiwiZyme is safe for use from age 8.
We’ll recommend KiwiZyme capsules for constipation and laxative dependence, hard stools, IBS, for general digestive health and to improve intestinal bacteria balance.

For the month of June KiwiZyme is on special offer at a reduced cost of €16, down from €26 so if you think it might be the product to help your digestive system now is the time to try it.