Night Serum

Dr. Hauschka, the pinnacle of natural skincare!

Dr. Hauschka don’t introduce major new additions to their skincare range very frequently but at a recent training evening that a few of us attended in Dublin the announcement was made, the new Dr Hauschka Night Serum was on the way. The excitement among the Company’s employees, and soon the rest of us as well, was palpable. I’ll give some information on the Serum and on our upcoming Event at which Yolanda Johnson, one of the Company’s top skincare experts, will offer complimentary treatments in Only Natural, but first here’s a bit of background.

Dr HauschkaDr. Hauschka was set up in 1935 by Dr. Rudolph Hauschka a Viennese Chemist who’s work and philosophy was influenced and informed by that of Rudolph Steiner, the founder of the Anthroposophical movement. Anthroposophy sought to bring together Art, Science and Religion into a philosophy of human development and it’s influence has been felt in areas as far apart as education and agriculture. In response to an enquiry as to the essence of his philosophy Steiner told Hauschka ‘Study rhythm, rhythm is the carrier of life’ and this is a concept that still permeates the work and development of the Company today.
Dr. Hauschka’s first practical work in the field was in natural medicine and WALA, the Company he set up to promote this, is still in existence. It is in fact Dr. Hauschka’s mother company, so to speak.

The objectives and activities of WALA came to the notice of Elisabeth Sigmund a pioneering aesthetician who, after much study, was convinced that harnessing the properties of therapeutic natural  substances in cosmetic products was the best way to support skin health naturally. Hauschka invited her to come on board and the meeting of his philosophy and her practical knowledge led to the birth of Dr. Hauschka Skincare.

The range was launched in 1967 and its development until today has been under the guidance of these lofty founding principles. In a world where ‘greenwashing’ is something to be wary of, Dr Hauschka is categorically green to the core. Every product in the range bears two marks to attest to their purity, BDIH and Natrue. These certifications are a guarantee of purity, no greenwashing here! Where possible Dr. Hauschka procure their ingredients from Demeter or controlled, organic farming or, where such ingredients aren’t currently available, enter into agreements with local communities to initiate such production. It goes without saying that none of the products contain synthetics of any description. The products comprise a full facial and bodycare range as well as makeup. What they do contain is the most luscious range of natural ingredients from oils to minerals to herbal extracts and anyone who’s used them knows how they support not only the skins physical functions but are also a tonic to the senses and spirit. I believe that, of all the ranges we carry, that Dr. Hauschka is truly the most therapeutic on all levels. They work in a supportive way with the skin’s own rhythms of day and night and of the changing seasons.

The new Dr Hauschka Night Serum is non oily to allow the skin to breathe and support its natural overnight regeneration processes. It’s based on apple blossom extract and witch hazel to tone all skin conditions for a fresh, radiant complexion come morning. It’s designed to be applied in a thin layer to the face, neck and, if desired, décolleté after the evening time cleansing and toning.

Our Event takes place on Friday 15th of May when Yolanda and local skincare expert Ann Moran will be instore to launch the Serum and give complimentary skincare treatments and makeovers using Dr Hauschka’s new formulation foundations. These foundations available in five shades create a flawless, even complexion with the highest quality ingredients and natural mineral pigments that are extremely kind to skin.  Yolanda recently appeared on Ireland AM introducing the new foundation, you can see how she got on here.

Yolanda will be giving a Skincare and Makeup Demo from 10.30am-11.30am and then from 12.oopm both Yolanda and Ann are offering Complimentary Mini Facials and Consulations.  Call us on 053 912 3236 to book your place if you’d like to try the Dr. Hauschka  experience, the pinnacle of natural skincare, for yourself.

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