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Yve Bio


Our YVE-BIO® 3000 filter system works with natural gravity (gravitation). It consists of:

The two tanks are made of high-quality SAN plastic, free of plasticisers, bisphenol A (BPA) as well as phthalates, of course odourless and tasteless. Test results from the SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH on all plastic materials used in our water filters can be found here.

Why should you choose a gravitational water filter?

  • Even where there is no water connection available, you can use your water filter.
  • You ll be able to generate clean drinking water at any time – even in emergency situations. Because without electricity in large parts of the country, even the usual drinking water supply does not work.
  • You are flexible and can take your water filter with you wherever you go, so that you always have drinking water to hand, for example, even when travelling.
  • One litre of tap water requires up to 1000 times less energy than bottled water (according to a study by ESU-Services GmbH).